Wk 14 – Artist Conversation – Lourdes Martinez

Last week I met Lourdes Martinez and her major is Photography. She is a student at CSULB. Her art work was on display in the Werby-Gallery. Her image is on a glass and she made it this way because she didn’t want it to be traditional. She said that usually when you take a photograph it’s always the same thing, putting it on a frame with glass and on the wall but she wanted her art work to be different. 

What inspired her to create her art work was from a picture of Earth in 1990 that is 66 billion km away. She zoomed in on the picture of Earth and made it into four pixels. She thought the image was interesting because it makes you think how small we are in the universe. She wants her audience to see how much you can do and see with photograph and technology, that it’s powerful but also humbling. 

She also wanted her creation to look like a science slide or science picture. She said that she doesn’t like making pictures it’s more about thinking about it. She begins with an idea that she is fascinated about and thinks about how she is going to make it in a reasonable way. Unfortunately she doesn’t have a website but she did say that she might make an Instagram account in the future. 

The description of Loures Martinez in the pamphlet at the Werby-Gallery was really interesting. I like how it was about outer space and that the image of Earth from 66 billion km away became popular. It did made me think about how small we are in the universe and that Earth is really just a speck in outer space. I also like how she didn’t want to do a traditional photograph and instead she put her image on a glass. I didn’t know what her art work was at  first but after talking to her it made me appreciate her creation and the meaning behind it. 

Here is a picture of Lourdes’s art work.   


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