Wk 11 – Activity – Fiber Art 

The activity for this week was to make a fiber art creation that can hang on the wall. I decided to YouTube fiber art wall hangings to get ideas or learn how to make a specific one. I watched this video that showed how to make a simple fiber art creation and all I needed was a dowel,white yarn, scissors and rit dye.

First, I cut long pieces of yarn and folded it in half. Then I tied each piece of yarn on the dowel. I included pictures of the process below.    

I continued to tie each piece of yarn across the dowel. Then I got the rit dye ready in the sink. All I had to do was to place the dye powder in hot water and stir it. Then I dipped my yarn in the pink dye first. After 20 minutes I did the same process but with the purple dye. Definitely wear gloves because it will stain your skin. 
After 20 minutes in the purple dye, I squeezed out all the water from the yarn then blow dried it. I cut the the yarn short from the start and left the end of it long to add some kind of style to it. Then I cut another piece of yarn and tied it on both ends so that it can hang on a wall.

This is the result. 🙂  

I have never used rit dye but it was really easy and simple. This is also my first time making a wall hanging  from fiber. The whole process was easy but it was time consuming cutting and tying each piece of yarn to the dowel. I think it took me about an hour to tie the yarn. I thought the pink and purple dye was going to be brighter but I like that it came out as a pastel pink and purple. I liked this activity it was satisfying and I’m happy with the results. It made me feel crafty. I think this activity did change my view of fiber art because you can do so many things with yarn and make it into a wall hanging. It is satisfying to know that this creation on my wall was made by me and I think it came out great. It opened my eyes to new ways to decorate my room or anywhere in my house. 

Wk 10 – Activity – Game Design 

For this week’s activity we learned about Geocaching and how to use it. This was my first time using this app. I was a little bit worried about not being able to find someone’s geocache but once I started looking for one at my school it became really fun. I was extremely excited when I found my first geocache and it wasn’t that difficult to find it. It was fun looking at all the small items that were inside the Altoids tin can. There was a toy soldier and a one direction pin. I also really like the location of this geocache because it was behind a metal sign by the stairs of the school’s parking structure. (By the way it was my Professor’s geocache😁)

After I found my first geocache I wanted to look for another one that was nearby but unfortunately I couldn’t find it and gave up. Then there was another geocache at my school and that one was easy to find. I was a little worried about what people would think because I was looking around some bushes and trees and maybe I looked like a weirdo. Also because it’s a busy street and there’s always cars passing by or people walking to class. This geocache had a few items so it wasn’t that interesting to look at but I was happy that I found it. Overall this game was a lot of fun and it makes me want to go find more geocaches. It opened my eyes to this new world of geocaching and I think it’s awesome that many people have participated in this game. 

I had some difficulty figuring out where to place my geocache but I finally decided to hide it at my school. I’m excited to see if people will find my geocache and what items will be traded in my tin can. The items that I put in my tin can are a Sandy keychain, bracelet, Hello Kitty paper and a corona bottle cap.  Also a little pink note pad for people to sign in. 

This is a picture of my first geocache. 😊

Here are some pictures of the second geocache that I found.   

This is a picture of my geocache.     

Wk 9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

For this week’s activity we all had to create characters and make social media accounts for them. Also, make a story about the characters we created with our group members. I worked with Milagros Herrera, Gillian English, and Jonathan Pua. We all decided that our characters were going to be animals. My character was a bunny named Bonnie. My group members created Hoth the Sloth, Gina Guinea Pig, and Larry the Llama. Our story would be that we all met at an animal convention and became good friends. We hang out every week and bring our favorite veggies. 

Bonnie Bunny is a fluffy rabbit that loves adventure and making new friends. She was lucky to meet Hoth the Sloth, Gina Guinea Pig and Larry the Llama at an Animal convention. They were the nicest animals she’s ever met and became best friends. They love to be outdoors and have picnics at the park. Bonnie enjoys going to the Japanese garden to feed the koi fish and relax under the trees. She has a Twitter account and Instagram. Her username is Bonnie_bunny7 on both accounts. 

Here are pictures of our social media accounts. 🙂 


  1. Hoth_the_sloth (Jonathan Pua)
  2. Ginaguineapig (Milagros Herrera)
  3. Larry_thellama (Gillian English)
  4. Bonnie_bunny7 (me)



  1.  Larry_thellama
  2. Hoth_the_Sloth
  3. GGPig_Celery
  4. Bonnie_bunny7


My group members were helpful and communicative. We came up with our ideas through a group text. At first I didn’t have a group, until I met Mellie Herrera and included me in her group. I thought that this week’s activity would be a little challenging because I wasn’t sure what character I would make and what my story would be. But when I joined my group it became easier because everyone thought it would be a good idea to create an animal. I love animals so I already knew what animal I wanted to create. My group members made cute and funny animals. They were creative with their social media posts. Overall I did have fun making my character and pretending to be a bunny named Bonnie. 🐰

Also, here are my group member’s websites. 🙂 




Wk 8 – Activity – Writing about Art

This week’s activity was to edit one of our classmate’s artist conversation and to edit one of my artist conversation posts. My classmate’s name is Donna Tang. I read her latest artist conversation and it was about Rhiannon Aarons. This is Tang’s website: donnatangblog.wordpress.com

Her first paragraph about the artist is a long sentence. I think it could have been made into two sentences. In her third paragraph, the second sentence has the word “depict” repeated twice. I think she could have replaced it with “represented” or “portrayed”. Lastly, I think her last paragraph should of been her second paragraph. I think it would of made her post flow better, and you get to know who the artist is at the beginning of the post instead of at the end.

What I liked about Tang’s post is that it’s clear for the reader to understand what the artist’s work is about and how it was made. There wasn’t any spelling or grammatical errors. I like how she can to relate to the artist’s work. 

My artist conversation post from last week has a few things that I could’ve of changed. In the third paragraph I could of worded the second sentence differently. I should of wrote “In the gallery, she had pictures of herself when she was a child.” I also could of wrote the following sentence as “In the picture she is with her family on a sled.” Also, in my last paragraph I could’ve worded some sentences differently. In the seventh sentence I should of wrote “When I was little all I cared about was going outside to play.” 

The good things about my post is that I was able to relate to the artist’s creations. It made me contemplate on my childhood memories and made me miss my childhood. This is the reaction that the artist wanted for her audience. I don’t think there were any spelling or grammatical errors. I think my sentences were clear and easy to understand. 

I think the best way to become a better writer is to have someone read your work. It can be a friend, relative or a classmate. I think getting feedback from someone else is really helpful because it can prevent you from making those mistakes again. Also, to reread whatever you have written because you can catch spelling errors or awkward sentences that you didn’t notice before. 

Lastly, here is a picture of my dinner from Snapchat. (my professor wanted us to do this).😋


Wk 7 – Activity – Snapchat

The first two are screenshots of my snapchat drawings and the rest are from my classmates. 🙂

How Periscope, Instagram and Snapchat are similar is that you are posting things that are going on in your life. Instagram and Snapchat are similar because you can take pictures or videos. You can personally send them to one particular person or upload it where everyone can view it. You can make your account public or private. On Instagram if you like someone’s picture or video it gives them a heart. Periscope also has hearts and you can give someone many hearts if you want to. On all three social accounts you can write comments. Periscope and Snapchat are similar because what you upload on these accounts only lasts for 24 hours and then it’s gone. 

How Periscope, Instagram and Snapchat are different is that on Periscope you can only make videos.  You can also have a conversation with people all over the world while you’re making your broadcast. People can send comments while you’re doing your broadcast and you can answer their questions or comment back if you want to. On Instagram you can comment on each other’s picture but you also have to tag the persons Instagram username so that they know that you replied back. Also, when you upload a video or picture on Instagram it stays there forever unless you want to delete it. On Periscope and Snapchat, what you upload only lasts 24 hours.  Another difference is that when you take a screenshot on Periscope or Snapchat it notifies you that someone took a screenshot. Instagram doesn’t have that feature. 

I think I like Snapchat more because I noticed that I use it more often than Instagram. I also think it’s more acceptable to make many posts on Snapchat. I think that on Instagram if you post many pictures or videos in one day it can be seen as “too much” and it might not get as many likes. I like the new features on snapchat. When you take a picture of yourself or make a video, you can add these silly animated faces. For example, you can have heart eyes or have a rainbow come out of your mouth. It also includes sound to these funny faces. I also like how you can see who views your post and if they took a screenshot. 

I don’t like Instagram as much as I used to. I think it is because my feed is sometimes dead. I don’t care as much as before to upload a picture everyday. Now it’s more like once a week. I mainly use it to look at my friend’s posts or to explore posts. Sometimes it’s also when one of my friends or family tag me in a post. 

I think this Snapchat activity did give us some type of “dialog.” We all knew that we needed to add each other on Snapchat to be able to view a classmate’s snapchat drawing. Some people sent me a snapchat, others posted their drawing on their story. I noticed similarities with my classmates. Many of us were at school or we made snapchats at home or work.

Wk 6 – Activity -Identity Art (Periscopes) 

This was my first time making a live video on periscope and I was kind of nervous and shy. I dont really take videos of myself because I don’t like how my voice sounds but after making these periscope videos I began to like it. My cousin was in the video too and it made me feel more comfortable making these videos . My cousin and I had a lot of fun, especially for her because she’s outgoing and keeps the conversation going. I also did a video when I was by myself. I went to Walmart and it was interesting because when I was answering questions from other periscope viewers, I noticed people would just look at me. I like how some viewers were from Brazil or Baili. I also had viewers from Long Beach, Compton and Fresno. Some people had nice comments and gave us hearts. There were a few people who said rude comments but we ignored them. If I were to use Periscope more often it would  be for fun and to talk to people from all over the world. Overall I like Persicope. I like  how you can watch other people from another country or people who are near by. Also that you do get viewers even if it’s just a few because I thought that I wasn’t going to have any viewers. When I made my last video, my cousin and I had 70 viewers. I wasn’t expecting that many so that was awesome. 🙂

 Here are some pictures from my Periscope.   
Here are pictures from 3 “normal” periscopers.

Here are pictures from 3 classmates.







Wk5 – Activity -Ethnography 

The place that I chose to do this week’s activity is in my room. I live at home with my family and it was a little difficult to keep everyone from using the lights in the house. This activity made me realize how much we depend on electricity in our home and how I take it for granted. I used candle light to get around the house. If I needed to get something from the kitchen or go to the restroom I had my small candle light with me . It was kind of scary in my house because it was dark and I couldn’t really see that well. I did some reading for one of my classes. I didn’t use my phone or iPad. I did get a bit bored but it was also nice to take a break from social media. I also noticed that I went to sleep earlier than I usually do. It made me think about how back in the day when there was no electricity, it was normal to use candle lights on a daily basis. I think people back then took advantage of the time they had in the day to get many things done because it would be difficult to do at night. I’m glad that we have electricity today because it gives us more time to get things done. For example, studying late at night and phones or laptops help us communicate with family and friends.  

Here is a picture of my room.