Wk3 – Activity – Social photography┬á

On September 10th, 2015 I posted these pictures on my Instagram. The first picture caught my attention because it’s colorful and I like that it’s a sun with stars around it. I also like the images inside the sun, it’s random but it all flows together. The second picture is from one of the art gallery’s from CSULB. It looks kind of vintage and I like the flowers that are painted in the first three frames. The third picture has The Hindu God Ganesha and he is the lord of success. I took this picture because it reminded me of this one time when I went to an Indian restaurant and they had this golden Ganesha right by their register. I asked the worker what it meant and he explained how having a Ganesha in his restaurant brings success. The last picture is one of my favorite pieces that was made by William Brigham. It made me think of the ocean, sky and earth. The pattern on this piece is beautiful and the colors go so well together.

When I looked at our “group portrait”, I noticed that my classmates and I have many things in common. For example the dog pictures. Especially the one with the three white dogs because I also have three white dogs that I love so much. Based on these pictures it makes me think that some of my classmates are dog lovers like myself. Also, the picture of the In n Out drink, tacos and watermelon. Watermelon is my favorite fruit and I love Tacos and In n Out. I enjoy being outside and so do my classmates who posted those pictures of the sky and the sunset at the beach. Beautiful pictures. Even though my classmates and I have different majors and different backgrounds, I believe that we are more similar than we think. ­čÖé