Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Nicholas Cedeno 

Last Thursday I met Nicholas Cedeno. He is a second year at CSULB and his major is Criminal Justice. He lives in Norwalk and went to Lakewood High School. His hobbies are hiking, hanging out with friends and family. His favorite color is blue and he loves eating chicken. This is his website nicocedeno.wordpress.com

The question of the week asked “What Art has made the biggest impact on your life?”. Nicholas said that the movie Annie has recently impacted his life. He watched this movie on Thanksgiving and it made him want to adopt children in the future. This past Friday I went to a place called Gaslamp and they had a band playing 80s music. The band was amazing and my friends and I were really into the music. We were singing and dancing. I really like how my friends were having a good time and even though we don’t listen to 80s music on the regular, we still had fun. I think this night impacted my life because it made me appreciate my friends even more because they bring positive vibes and it’s always fun with them. 

Here is a picture of Nicholas and I. Also, some pictures of the galleries.



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