Wk 12 – Artist conversation – Christopher Michael Linquata

Last Thursday I met Christopher Michael Linquata. He is a senior at CSULB and he lives in San Fernando Valley. His major is representational drawing.  You can find him on Facebook, just look for Christo Linquata. He is also on Instagram, his username is icon5350.

Linquata used oil paint and it took him ten months to finish his paintings. He worked on two canvases at a time for 18 hours a day. His favorite artist is Pierro della Francesca. He was inspired by nature and Renaissance paintings. The people in the painting are his friends and family. He also included himself in each painting. 

 His paintings have a religious theme and it’s also related to Greek myths. He started off with the idea and looked for locations that would fit. He chose a location called sunken city in San Pedro. He focused on light, colors and space. He started on a small painting first before working on the large paintings. He used his imagination, memory, and pictures to create his images. 

When I was looking at Linquata’s paintings I kind of already knew that it was sunken city because of the graffiti on the rocks. I had been to sunken city once and it’s a nice view of the beach. I wasn’t sure what the paintings were trying to portray but my first thought was that it looked like a group of friends hanging out, taking pictures and tagging on the rocks. I thought it was really awesome that Linquata included himself in the paintings. I also liked that he painted a portrait of his family.

Here are some pictures of Linquata’s paintings. 


Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Maccabee Shelley

This past Thursday I met Maccabee Shelley. His artwork was displayed in the Gatov-West gallery at CSULB. The materials he used to make his sculptures are glass, plastic, paint and things he found in dumpsters. What he wants the audience to experience is something that they haven’t seen before and expand their view of the world and art. 

Shelley is currently a student at CSULB. He grew up in Los Angeles then moved to San Francisco. Then moved to Long Beach for school. He has a degree in Studio Art from Humboldt State University. He’s had many exhibitions all over California since 2009. 

Shelley’s sculptures are unique and creative. I haven’t seen this style of art before and I enjoyed looking at these sculptures. It makes you wonder how it was made and the meaning behind it. I like how the colors in the sculptures have movement. It looks as if it’s melting from the sculpture. 

Here are some pictures of Shelley’s sculptures. His website is http://www.maccabeeshelley.com


Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons

Last week I met Rhiannon Aarons. She is a MFA student and it is her second year at CSULB. Her artwork is a combination of human and animal anatomy. These images were scanned from original anatomy and zoology books from the 1800’s.

Here is her website if you want to see more of her work. http://www.rhiannonaarons.com

Her artwork is about the human female anatomy. In history there have been many myths about the female anatomy and continue to be seen as facts. Also, how it relates to the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Her images have a serpent body and the serpent is portrayed as feminine. It took her one year to complete her creations including other pieces of her work that were not displayed in the gallery. 

Aarons’s artwork caught my attention because of the massive details in the images. Also because it was something that I have never seen before. I think the combination of human and animal anatomy was a great idea. I like the meaning behind her artwork and it taught me new things about the history of female anatomy. 

Here are some pictures of Aarons’s artwork. 


Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

        Yesterday I met Jane Weibel. Her major is Ceramics. She has one more year to graduate from CSULB. Her favorite artist is Jessica Stockholder. She has been doing ceramics for two years. 
        The materials she used to make her artwork are ceramic, fiber and rope. Her ceramic pieces took 2 months to make. Then 36 hours to install her artwork in the gallery. Her Instagram is Janemargarette.

          Jane Weibel’s artwork represents her childhood memories and the innocence of it. She had a few pictures in the gallery of her as a kid. She was with her family on a sled in the winter. Her artwork had bright colors and children’s clothing. There were swings and mugs with teddy bears. Jane wants the audience to contemplate their childhood and think about who they are. To reflect on their memories and cherish them. 

          When I was looking at Jane Weibel’s creations, it made me feel like I was in a jungle gym. It made me think about when I was in Elementary School. Recess was my favorite time of the day.  The ceramic swings reminded me of how much I enjoyed getting on the swings at the park with my family. I still love going on the swings but I don’t go to the park as much. It made me miss my childhood because life was simple. It was just about going outside to play. My favorite pieces were the kid’s clothing hanging on the ceramic hangers and the mugs with teddy bears.