Wk2 – Activity – Plaster Casting

This past Thursday I went to Seal Beach to do my plaster casting. I got there at 9:30am and I thought I was going to be the first one there. Luckily there was a student from my classroom who had got there a few minutes before me. His name was Louis. Then another student arrived named Alex and the three of us began our plaster casting project. We helped each other make our mold in the sand and filled our buckets with some beach water to make the plaster. After we poured the plaster into our molds we waited 30 minutes for it to dry. I talked to Alex and we got to know each other a little better. We also took some pictures together. More students from my classroom came to the beach and we helped them with their plaster casting. Then my professor arrived and he brought  iced tea for everyone. It was delicious. I checked on my casting after 30 minutes and began to dig it out of the sand. When I got my hand cast out of the sand a piece broke off. I was still happy with the results because my casting was smooth and it looked like a tree trunk. I liked this activity because it was my first time using plaster and I got to meet some of my classmates. Everyone was friendly and I liked how we helped each other make our creations.  


Hello world!

My name is Diana Solis. I live in Long Beach. My major is Sociology. I’m 24 years old and I’m Salvadoran and Honduran. This is my last semester at CSULB and I’ll be the first person in my family to graduate college. I like to go hiking on my spare time or go to the beach.