Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Jack Nguyen

This past Thursday while I was in the Merlino gallery I met Jack Nguyen. He is my classmate for Art110 and we were listening to William Brigham talk about the Mokume-game vessels that he made.  

 Jack Nguyen is a senior at CSULB. His major is Health Science. We both agreed that art should be fun because there are no boundaries and you can interpret art in many different ways. Jack was saying that when you have fun making art and love it, then your creation will be much better. I agree because when you’re not enjoying what you’re making it can reflect on your piece of art. I think when you’re making art it should be exciting because there’s no right or wrong, good or bad. It’s a way of expressing yourself and your experiences. I think it can also be as simple as just drawing something that you like. Jack also agreed with my point of view on art and we were both fascinated by William Brigham’s creations.