Wk 10 – Activity – Game Design┬á

For this week’s activity we learned about Geocaching and how to use it. This was my first time using this app. I was a little bit worried about not being able to find someone’s geocache but once I started looking for one at my school it became really fun. I was extremely excited when I found my first geocache and it wasn’t that difficult to find it. It was fun looking at all the small items that were inside the Altoids tin can. There was a toy soldier and a one direction pin. I also really like the location of this geocache because it was behind a metal sign by the stairs of the school’s parking structure. (By the way it was my Professor’s geocache­čśü)

After I found my first geocache I wanted to look for another one that was nearby but unfortunately I couldn’t find it and gave up. Then there was another geocache at my school and that one was easy to find. I was a little worried about what people would think because I was looking around some bushes and trees and maybe I looked like a weirdo. Also because it’s a busy street and there’s always cars passing by or people walking to class. This geocache had a few items so it wasn’t that interesting to look at but I was happy that I found it. Overall this game was a lot of fun and it makes me want to go find more geocaches. It opened my eyes to this new world of geocaching and I think it’s awesome that many people have participated in this game. 

I had some difficulty figuring out where to place my geocache but I finally decided to hide it at my school. I’m excited to see if people will find my geocache and what items will be traded in my tin can. The items that I put in my tin can are a Sandy keychain, bracelet, Hello Kitty paper and a corona bottle cap.  Also a little pink note pad for people to sign in. 

This is a picture of my first geocache. ­čśŐ

Here are some pictures of the second geocache that I found.   

This is a picture of my geocache.     

Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Thomas Cressman

My artist conversation for this week is Thomas Cressman. You can find him on Instagram, his username is Thom_cress6. He is a 5th year at CSULB. His art is made from metal and he makes jewelry. Cressman became interested in working with metals ever since he took a metals class in high school. 

His show is called “Living Forms” and the materials he used are copper, metal and brass. His artwork are interpretations of living organisms. He focuses on the organism’s structure, form and how it lives in its space. He is fascinated by the natural developments of clams and corals. Also how they function and exist in their environment. His favorite piece is the “Giant Blue Clam”.  

His creations start off as a flat sheet of copper and he makes a cut out. He uses fire to loosen the molecules in the metals. Then he hammers it to the shape that he wants. It takes him about a week or month to make his art. He also works with silver. 

Cressman’s art made think of sea creatures and the plants that live in the ocean. My favorite piece was the “Deteriorating Lights” and “Giant Blue Clam”. It reminded me of coral where sea animals could live in. The plant looking art piece that was on the wall made me think of the flowers and mushrooms from Alice in Wonderland. 

Here are some pictures of Cressman’s art. 

Giant Blue Clam


 Deteriorating Lights


Wk 10 – Classmate conversation – Donna Tang

Last week I met Donna Tang.  It is her last semester at CSULB and she is a double major in social work and Chinese studies. She is originally from San Diego and is currently living in Long Beach. She plays guitar, likes to go bike riding and collects coins. She also enjoys long boarding. 

The question of the week asked what places we would want to visit. Donna said she would like to visit Greece or Israel. I said El Salvador and Honduras because my parents are from there. I would also want to visit Japan. Donna has visited many countries. She’s been to Taiwan, Korea, China and Vietnam. 

Here is her website donnatangblog.wordpress.com 

Here is a picture of Donna and I.