Wk 9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

For this week’s activity we all had to create characters and make social media accounts for them. Also, make a story about the characters we created with our group members. I worked with Milagros Herrera, Gillian English, and Jonathan Pua. We all decided that our characters were going to be animals. My character was a bunny named Bonnie. My group members created Hoth the Sloth, Gina Guinea Pig, and Larry the Llama. Our story would be that we all met at an animal convention and became good friends. We hang out every week and bring our favorite veggies. 

Bonnie Bunny is a fluffy rabbit that loves adventure and making new friends. She was lucky to meet Hoth the Sloth, Gina Guinea Pig and Larry the Llama at an Animal convention. They were the nicest animals she’s ever met and became best friends. They love to be outdoors and have picnics at the park. Bonnie enjoys going to the Japanese garden to feed the koi fish and relax under the trees. She has a Twitter account and Instagram. Her username is Bonnie_bunny7 on both accounts. 

Here are pictures of our social media accounts. 🙂 


  1. Hoth_the_sloth (Jonathan Pua)
  2. Ginaguineapig (Milagros Herrera)
  3. Larry_thellama (Gillian English)
  4. Bonnie_bunny7 (me)



  1.  Larry_thellama
  2. Hoth_the_Sloth
  3. GGPig_Celery
  4. Bonnie_bunny7


My group members were helpful and communicative. We came up with our ideas through a group text. At first I didn’t have a group, until I met Mellie Herrera and included me in her group. I thought that this week’s activity would be a little challenging because I wasn’t sure what character I would make and what my story would be. But when I joined my group it became easier because everyone thought it would be a good idea to create an animal. I love animals so I already knew what animal I wanted to create. My group members made cute and funny animals. They were creative with their social media posts. Overall I did have fun making my character and pretending to be a bunny named Bonnie. 🐰

Also, here are my group member’s websites. 🙂