Wk 11 – Classmate conversation – Jasmynn Nguyen

Last week I met Jasmynn Nguyen from my Art 110 class. She is a third year at CSULB and is majoring in Child Development. She wants to work with autistic or disabled children. She lives in Westminster and commutes to school. She loves to go shopping and enjoys buying make up. 

For this week’s question of the week it asked if we think tattoos are art, if designing your own make it more meaningful and what tattoo would we get. Jasmynn said that tattoos are art and she would want to get a quote on her arm or her Dad’s birthday year. She said that it is more personal if you create it but even if you pick a tattoo from a book you can still personalize it. We also talked about our own tattoos and she has one on her back. It is a bird cage with birds flying out of it. I have a lotus flower on my back and some other small tattoos. 

Also, here is Jasmynn’s website if you want to take a look at her posts. Jasmynnkae.com

 I definitely think that tattoos are art especially if it’s done by someone who is a professional. I would want to get a mermaid tattoo on my arm or leg. My sister and I  have talked about getting a matching mermaid tattoo just need to save up first. I also think that it does make it more personal if you design your tattoo. If you choose a tattoo from a book it can still be meaningful, it all depends on the person who is getting it. You can still customize it by telling the tattoo artist what colors you want or what style you want.

Here is a picture of Jasmynn and I. 

Jasmynn’s tattoo  

My lotus flower tattoo  

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