Wk 11 – Artist conversation – Kathy Yoon

Kathy Yoon is majoring in Ceramics and it is her last semester at CSULB. Her Instagram is Kathy.c.yoon if you want to take a look at her posts. Her ceramic pieces represent moments and feelings that she felt during a specific time in 2015. She loved making each one of her pieces and her favorite is the figure with the heart balloon. 

All her art pieces are made from ceramic. She used yarn and tissue for the small details. She didn’t use any reference photos. She also sketched a few of her forms before making them. It takes two to six weeks to make her creations. 

Yoon is not sure if she is going to sell her art individually or all together. She has also thought about working for Pixar animation studios. She talked about one of her pieces which was the one with a tutu. She said that she enjoyed making this piece because it’s about being silly and not caring about what people think. Her favorite is the figure with the heart balloon because it’s happy. 

When I was looking at Yoon’s art I can relate to most of her figures. There’s one that looks sad and it’s curled up holding its heart or something. It made me think about a bad break up. There’s another figure that has its head against the wall and to me it means that it’s done with life or it’s stressed out. Some figures I couldn’t figure out what the emotion was. The one that stood out to me had a red person or something hanging out of its ear or head. My favorite was the figure holding the heart balloon. It made me think about when you have a crush on someone or having your heart on your sleeve type of thing. Yoon’s art also reminded me of Tim Burton’s movies. Her art has a cute but kind of creepy look. 

Here are some pictures of Yoon’s art. 


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