Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Thomas Cressman

My artist conversation for this week is Thomas Cressman. You can find him on Instagram, his username is Thom_cress6. He is a 5th year at CSULB. His art is made from metal and he makes jewelry. Cressman became interested in working with metals ever since he took a metals class in high school. 

His show is called “Living Forms” and the materials he used are copper, metal and brass. His artwork are interpretations of living organisms. He focuses on the organism’s structure, form and how it lives in its space. He is fascinated by the natural developments of clams and corals. Also how they function and exist in their environment. His favorite piece is the “Giant Blue Clam”.  

His creations start off as a flat sheet of copper and he makes a cut out. He uses fire to loosen the molecules in the metals. Then he hammers it to the shape that he wants. It takes him about a week or month to make his art. He also works with silver. 

Cressman’s art made think of sea creatures and the plants that live in the ocean. My favorite piece was the “Deteriorating Lights” and “Giant Blue Clam”. It reminded me of coral where sea animals could live in. The plant looking art piece that was on the wall made me think of the flowers and mushrooms from Alice in Wonderland. 

Here are some pictures of Cressman’s art. 

Giant Blue Clam


 Deteriorating Lights


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