Wk 6 – Classmate conversation – Kahlia Cadle

This past Thursday I talked to one of my classmates her name is Kahlia Cadle. Her major is Accounting and it’s her second year at CSULB. She lives in Rancho Cucamonga and commutes to school.  She likes to make music and she sings. She can play guitar, ukulele, piano, and flute. She wants to make an album soon on Soundcloud. Kahlia is vegan and she likes to watch Netflix. We talked about colors and how it makes us feel. Kahlia said that pastel colors make her feel in a good mood. Also, dark colors make her feel like herself. She likes to wear black. I said that dark colors make me feel down or upset and bright/pastel colors make me feel happy and peaceful.  

Here are two pictures from the art galleries. 



Wk 6 – Activity -Identity Art (Periscopes) 

This was my first time making a live video on periscope and I was kind of nervous and shy. I dont really take videos of myself because I don’t like how my voice sounds but after making these periscope videos I began to like it. My cousin was in the video too and it made me feel more comfortable making these videos . My cousin and I had a lot of fun, especially for her because she’s outgoing and keeps the conversation going. I also did a video when I was by myself. I went to Walmart and it was interesting because when I was answering questions from other periscope viewers, I noticed people would just look at me. I like how some viewers were from Brazil or Baili. I also had viewers from Long Beach, Compton and Fresno. Some people had nice comments and gave us hearts. There were a few people who said rude comments but we ignored them. If I were to use Periscope more often it would  be for fun and to talk to people from all over the world. Overall I like Persicope. I like  how you can watch other people from another country or people who are near by. Also that you do get viewers even if it’s just a few because I thought that I wasn’t going to have any viewers. When I made my last video, my cousin and I had 70 viewers. I wasn’t expecting that many so that was awesome. 🙂

 Here are some pictures from my Periscope.   
Here are pictures from 3 “normal” periscopers.

Here are pictures from 3 classmates.