Wk 6 – Activity -Identity Art (Periscopes) 

This was my first time making a live video on periscope and I was kind of nervous and shy. I dont really take videos of myself because I don’t like how my voice sounds but after making these periscope videos I began to like it. My cousin was in the video too and it made me feel more comfortable making these videos . My cousin and I had a lot of fun, especially for her because she’s outgoing and keeps the conversation going. I also did a video when I was by myself. I went to Walmart and it was interesting because when I was answering questions from other periscope viewers, I noticed people would just look at me. I like how some viewers were from Brazil or Baili. I also had viewers from Long Beach, Compton and Fresno. Some people had nice comments and gave us hearts. There were a few people who said rude comments but we ignored them. If I were to use Periscope more often it would  be for fun and to talk to people from all over the world. Overall I like Persicope. I like  how you can watch other people from another country or people who are near by. Also that you do get viewers even if it’s just a few because I thought that I wasn’t going to have any viewers. When I made my last video, my cousin and I had 70 viewers. I wasn’t expecting that many so that was awesome. 🙂

 Here are some pictures from my Periscope.   
Here are pictures from 3 “normal” periscopers.

Here are pictures from 3 classmates.







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