Wk5 – Activity -Ethnography 

The place that I chose to do this week’s activity is in my room. I live at home with my family and it was a little difficult to keep everyone from using the lights in the house. This activity made me realize how much we depend on electricity in our home and how I take it for granted. I used candle light to get around the house. If I needed to get something from the kitchen or go to the restroom I had my small candle light with me . It was kind of scary in my house because it was dark and I couldn’t really see that well. I did some reading for one of my classes. I didn’t use my phone or iPad. I did get a bit bored but it was also nice to take a break from social media. I also noticed that I went to sleep earlier than I usually do. It made me think about how back in the day when there was no electricity, it was normal to use candle lights on a daily basis. I think people back then took advantage of the time they had in the day to get many things done because it would be difficult to do at night. I’m glad that we have electricity today because it gives us more time to get things done. For example, studying late at night and phones or laptops help us communicate with family and friends.  

Here is a picture of my room.  

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