Wk 4 – Activity – Painting 


Here is a picture of me with my name in bubble letters. This was my first time using spray paint and my first difficulty was trying to figure out why the spray paint wouldn’t come out when I pressed on the nozzle. Then I read the instructions and realized that there’s a ring that secures it. To get it out, you shake the can first then take off the nozzle and turn the can upside down so that the ring falls off. The colors I used were orange and purple. I decided to paint on cardboard because I wasn’t going to be able to go to Venice beach this weekend. I started using the orange spray paint to make my letters and its not easy to get the lettes to look decent. I had to go over my name several times to make it look like bubble letters. Also shaking the can is important to get the paint to come out smoothly. After practicing for a few minutes I noticed that the closer you are to your surface you can make the letter look bolder and its easier to make the curves of the letters. I tried making my name look bubbly but I had difficulty doing the shadow with my purple spray paint. Overall, I’m happy with how my name came out. I think I’ll practice more in my free time with bubble lettering. I admire graffiti artists so much now because they make it look easy and based on my experience it’s not. Another thing is how they are able to add so much detail to their art and its all from a spray can. I tried making hearts for fun and it was tough. You can see my several attempts on making a heart in my picture. Graffiti artists are truly amazing. They create beautiful paintings with just spray paint cans. I recommend everyone to try to spray paint their name. It’s not easy as it looks. 

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